Saturday, May 24, 2014

3rd year 1st semester :)

wish me luck for this semester :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013



I bet all of you guys knew already, what is gwiyomi all about, for those who still dunno, i'll make it clear now, Gwiyomi literally means cute. Based on wikipedia,

''The Gwiyomi Song, or Kwiyomi Song (귀요미 송), is a K-pop single by South Korean singer Hari and was released on February 18, 2013. It was inspired by a gesture from rapper South Korean Jung Ilhoon of boy group BtoB. The gesture is called 'Gwiyomi Player', which became an Internet meme in October 2012 followed by its first appearance on South Korean reality show by SBS MTV named MTV Diary. The gesture has also inspired many Asian netizens to upload their own versions onto the internet.'' (wikipedia,2013)

Erm, I think that could be a brief explanation regarding Gwiyomi, wanna watched it?I do heard rumors saying that this Gwiyomi is something to do with 'Yahudi'. Which to believe is up to you,for me as long as no proof uphold, its okay. Different people have their own perception about this. Some may dislike, some votes up!. So its up to you guys, for me it a good way to entertain small kids, as I did it for my nieces and they enjoy it. The song is perfectly 'mignon '  (cute). I love one of the video uploaded at Youtube, by a girl, I think she is Chinese. She is absolutely  cute,  and thanks to her that I am able to follow those hand gestures demonstrated by her. Let's watch it together! 
Original version : 

Mine was :
 thanks for watching and again, sorry for any inappropriate actions :) 

Thursday, March 7, 2013


this is based on my point of view :)

awal ashari = miki jyj
jisung = annuar ahmad som
akmal fiqri = kang gary

lee heewon= anne elyna

rifky balwel= yusri razak

alflavius = yoseob beast
syafwani = jaejoong
chacha maembong = ralizah

caroline nyandau= emma maembong

eunji apink = aisyah

nurul isni = neelofa

kirana larasati = mafirah
afgan = calvin rigar 

ronaldo = dol
anothai = hasrul

marsha milan = kak anim
suzy miss A = dygku mas 
those non-artist are my fellows and family :)

Monday, December 10, 2012


i am just praised to Allah that I have so many friends that cares about me,..

5th of December : toothache fever+ headache..

  • i dunno why, my toothache on this day is so bad,since I cried like crazy in my room,n eventually let it flooded the room with my tears..tears falls and falls,I were so sad.why not,the pain is too terrible,and guess what,i felt like i have a migraine (one-side headache)
  • 315 am : called Elyna n her boyfie to ask help ; bring me to the nearest clinic.( can I call Utp's clinic a clinic?yes,that's why they din provide corresponding medicine for toothache , think so ..) touched 1st time..
  • thank god, apez (annes's boyfie) got car,so that they can bring me to 7E to find a painkiller ,yeah,they got it, so called '' Hurix's Toothache drop''.it heals a bit,but still, >.<
  • then come back UTP, relieve a bit,happy :) tomorrow----6th , i din go to lecture,not enough sleep lor ,sorry my lecturer's, i din mean it..
  • alwani and wan, my companion,day and night,; (lecture..)called me..touched 2nd time..
  • and you now what,seri bought me jelly and visit me at my room,brought the yummy 'sumi' with all those test papers,assignments and quizzes, touched..for the 3rd time :')
  • those classmates, keep on asking '' are u okay?'' ,asked in tweeter..touched 4th time..
  • fridayy--7th: finishing Pce MEB (mass energy balance with seri at IRC + ) practice for caklempong assestment)
  • saturdayy---caklempong assesment : fine! i like it! :)
  • saturday---finishing FF project!and my groupmate were all awesome! XD
  • sundayy---finishing PCE project with seri :)
  • monday--- submit FF project + PCE project----Test o chem @@
  • in coming weeks : test 2 FF, quiz VC ,quiz PCE ,test IS n bla2,.@@

road to final in 3 weeks time : (27th Dec 2012)

see you in 3rd january ><

Monday, November 26, 2012

ok,if that is your wish.. many things that hurts i'm a bit down..

frankly speaking,i'm so sad lately,i've done such bad job.annoyed others,crying like crazy--deep inside ''who cares?'' no one cares..
i duno why,am i too disgusting in the eyes of YOU?i need someone to talk to,to share,to cry on when i've faced problem,but there's none.null=zero=0..i am searching for YOu all day long,but u seems so busy,so i just give a try--contact you,stalk you,anything..
but when you are there,u avoid me,why?why pple tend to avoid me?i've tried my best to reduce mistakes,im trying to be as happy as i can to minimize my stress,i really hope that YOU are the one who support me from the back,but up to today,u just successfully gave me 3 hazardous words,reminder,cautions which are obviously forcing me not to find u,depend on you,just give on you.ok..that is the 3rd one,i think thats enough for me already,pray for your happiness,goodluck in everything,assalam 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

it is today..

the wet amoy---- (my sweats = raining heavily )

20th Nov 2012 :

  • 0800-0900 : Vector calculus quiz :O (pocket c)

  • 0900-1200 : Lab o chem :p (run v4->blok4 )

  • 1200-1300 : IS (amoy zz @@ )(pocket c)

  • 1300-1345 : Solah at seri room O.O (v5)

  • 1400-1600 : PCE lecture,interpret graph XD (blok5)

  • 1600-1730 : Run to IRC to print front page of project,block4->5->4->3, meet dr,saibal =='

  • 1900-1930 : Solah,buy food(s),v3 cafe-pavement :D

  • 2100-2330 : Lab report,graph,scan graph :|(v4)

  • 2330-0000 : Ironing,fold dry clothes :'| (v4)

..this is...normal day, on tuesday,better than thursday.. =.= .just imagine,I run here n there,I don't have car,moto,bike..walking n running is the only way :)
..each and every village abv. as (V1-V5) , IRC , blok (1-23) are all far apart..this may be the factor that I can lost my weight easily here..

oh, I thought myself is chicken :p